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Who We Are?

Tuna Project Management (TUNA PM) is an innovative international management, project control, contracts and claims services company that supports investors, contractors, developers, advocates and law offices, other engineering and consultancy firms.

As a customer-focused, quality-driven organization, TUNA PM uses industry best practices for continuous improvement, process streamlining, and increased quality to exceed our customers’ operational goals and expectations.

Tuna Project Management (TUNA PM) is an integrated team of skilled professionals who deliver solutions to your project challenges by providing innovative, integrated business and technical solutions and a wide range of services for projects of all sizes in various industries.

We tailor teams, resources, and systems to solve your problems with consistent positive results.

Whether you’re an owner, contractor, attorney, or other construction professional, we can assist you in achieving project success from the start to finish.



To provide solutions to our clients in a wide range of services such as project control, project management, contract and claim management using innovative, integrated business and advanced technologies for their success.



to become the most preferred company in the international arena, bringing project management information systems to the best level in project management, project control, contract and claim management and alternative dispute resolution for our clients.


To help our clients succeed in complex and uncertain environments.


To be the leading source of expertise to help clients manage disputes, risk and uncertainty on complex contracts.

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Customer Focused
  • Faith Based
  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Encourage Openness, Teamwork, and Trust
  • Resulted Oriented
  • Quality
  • Continuous Learning and Development
  • Sustainability

We create success for our clients and associates by innovating and excelling in project management.


Aiming High

We work every day to live up to our full potential; we challenge the status quo and seek to raise the standards of our work. We honor excellence, commit to our clients, and to the contracts we sign. We enthusiastically address client concerns as soon as they arise.


Ethics & Integrity

We are direct, open, and honest in our communications, and we challenge actions inconsistent with our values. We transparently acknowledge and address error resolution without drama or politics. We encourage spirited debate on difficult issues.



We believe work is done best when there is mutual respect for everyone involved; we value spirited debate but only when it challenges issues, not people; and we show respect for our peer firms. We value and respect diverse backgrounds because they promote broader thinking.


Shared Success

We believe we accomplish our best when our people’s, the company’s, and our client’s interests are all aligned. We believe there is no such thing as “that’s not my job.” We strive to delight our clients and to build enduring relationships when taking on difficult assignments.


Expert Mastery

Our professionals seek technical mastery and view it as a lifelong pursuit. We do not shy away from new challenges; they are the means to learn and to improve.



Our innovations create unique value and differentiates us from the rest. We continually strive for process improvements and leadership in new ideas. We encourage and support developing and presenting masterful ideas and deliverables.

Experienced Teams
Giant Projects

There are no big projects without planning. TUNA PM team; It will provide the most accurate solutions with dozens of giant projects, hundreds of service applications and thousands of hours of experience.

Get a substandard service for projects that do not accept errors. Our experts will analyze what you need. It will offer solutions. He will complete the most accurate procedure with you. Discover our reportable, efficient and innovative working methods.

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