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Project Control is one of the Project Management subsets with the primary focus of managing the project’s cost and schedule.

Project Controls allow the Project Managers take control of the project objectives and sets of key progress indicators. When these controls are applied correctly, the Project Managers can be more confident while maintaining a proper balance between schedule and cost.

Project Controls is a TUNA PM core expertise. We communicate and work productively with everyone on the project in order to control the project cost, schedule, and risk.

Project controls are all-encompassing for project definition, planning, execution, and completion; assisting in the entire lifecycle of your project. The use of controls will vary according to individual project demands, but project controls address, organize, and of course control, project control cycle can be typically identified as following diagram.


Once the contract has been awarded, TUNA PM’s consultants develop a detailed project execution plan, which includes detailed budgets, schedules, and work method selection. This plan includes information that is used as the basis for developing the construction plan and budget included in the field control plan for the project construction phase.

TUNA PM has extensive experience in setting up and running Programme Management Office and Project Control departments at various levels.

TUNA PM offer, set-up, operational improvement and augmentation of their PMO offices for different types of organisations, Client or Contractor


    Complexity in construction projects calls for in-depth knowledge of project planning to develop efficient and effective schedules. We provide project support throughout planning, scheduling, and, if needed, dispute resolution.

    Tender period – TUNA PM review all contract documents and understand clear all detailed of scope, employer requirements, milestone dates and work on tender programme development.

    Contract award – TUNA PM prepares high standard baseline programme using any kind of planning software (Primavera, TILOS, Power Project, MS Project) and 4D Planning with BIM Software (Synchro 4D Bentley, Bexel Manager, BIM Crone).

    The service we provide guarantees the preparation and approval of the base work program as required by the contractual obligations, protecting the rights of the contractor, including risks, loaded with resources, and in accordance with the protocols specified by the authorities in possible future delay analysis.

    Construction period – TUNA PM provides schedule updating, monitoring, review and reporting services during the construction period.

    In this period, when the work program needs to be revised due to some changes and delays in the contract terms and when it is necessary to prepare a recovery, mitigation or acceleration schedule, TUNA PM is perfect for these works.

    TUNA PM also provide Forensic Delay Analysis and Extension of Time Request claims preparation for dispute solution.

    Project Closeout – TUNA PM prepare as-built programme for project close out or delay analysis.


    TUNA PM provided Cost Estimating and Control services as defined below headlines:

    - Cost Advice, Feasibility Studies; TUNA PM’s consultants understand technical, business, regulatory and legal matters, allowing them to identify key issues quickly and find the best solutions for our clients. TUNA PM is in the position to provide project initial cost advice and feasibility studies (Front-End Engineering and Design) which are vital during the project’s initiation phase. TUNA PM prepare most accurate initial budget by reference to cost data obtained from previous projects.

    - Estimating, Cost Modelling and Cost Planning; TUNA PM provide a full system of budget estimating and cost planning in order to control project cost of each step and design, procurement & construction disciplines, and that the project cost is kept within the targeted budget. TUNA PM will prepare an initial budget cost which is established by reference to cost data from previous projects. TUNA PM cost estimating system also covers all risks which identified during tender stage.

    - Cost Control; TUNA PM provide services cost monitoring & reporting during the construction stage. This Monitoring services provide all information and deviation which are required by the management and decision makers include Engineering, Procurement and Construction phases and all direct and indirect costs with all components.

    - Financial Statements and Monthly Cost Report for Employers: TUNA PM can provide precise financial statements and cost reports at various stages of the project to suit the contract and Employer requirements. TUNA PM financial statements covers:
    o Quotations set against prime cost and provisional sums
    o Variation orders issued to the main contractor
    o Provisional quantities re-measurement
    o Daywork sheets
    o Contractors claims for delays/disruptions
    o Other items pertinent to the contract
    The adjustment of the above items will be either added to or deducted from the contract sum (less contingencies). In addition, any fluctuations provision, where applicable to the contract should also be included within the cost report. It is important that the clients forecast of total final cost includes all possible items.

    - Valuation of Works: TUNA PM provides services of Bill of Quantities calculation, periodical site visit and valuation and assessment of Progress Payment Certification, Variation Order assessment and calculation, and accurate and detailed final account calculation.


    Construction projects are among the largest and most complex financial expenses and often involve enormous risks. TUNA PM provides risk management services for both employers and contractors to complete the project with the expected cost, time and quality.
    Employer risks are around the cost time and quality. TUNA PM's services on risk management for the Employers are as follows:
    - Feasibility risk - the decision to go ahead backed up by a robust business case, considering options and presenting the preferred solution.
    - Design risk - deciding the level of control to keep over design and therefore the level of risk that remains with the client in terms of design.
    - Funding risk - ensuring funds are available to pay the contractor and avoiding the risk of contractor insolvency.
    - Commercial risk - the impact on income and profits if the new asset (building) is not delivered to time, cost or quality.

    Construction contracts can be complicated and include pricing agreements such as Lump Sum, Unit Price, Cost Plus, etc. Risk management starts in tender period and continues through completion. For contractors the biggest risk is around the tender stage when commitments are made to a price and a timescale. Margins can be lost if the bill of quantities is not accurate. Subcontractors may not stand by their quotes and work may be more expensive than estimated if the choice of construction method turns out not to be suitable.
    TUNA PM provides risk management services for the Contractors as follow:

    - Post Contract: TUNA PM identifies and understand the issues in early period during tender. It will allow to avoid risks or take opportunity. TUNA PM creates a special risk register that includes all the identified risks and takes quantitative risk impact analysis of each risks in order to create project-specific risk management and procedures with avoidance and opportunity identification analysis. TUNA PM also can provide constructability review, international risk evaluations, damage assessment services and probability assessment, multi variable regression analysis, sensitivity analysis, monte carlo simulation analysis with our experts.

    - Risk Monitoring During Construction: If the risks are not identified during the tender period and the risk is not revealed with the effects of register, TUNA PM performs this work, which should be done in the post contract first, after the contract is signed. Then, it follows and monitor the plan that will mitigate the risks and implement it during the construction process.


    TUNA PM monitor the progress performance using different approach and methods and periodically report all required project stakeholders.
    Earned Value Management is the most famous and most used methods to control and detect variance between planned and actual cost and planning performance. TUNA PM prepared project control system to produce report using EVM methodology for main performance reporting for all projects.
    Image In addition of this information, some other planned criteria variances follow for detecting the reasons of the overall performance variance.
    Although the requirements vary in each project, TUNA PM provides performance tracking and reporting in minimum;
    - key performance indicators,
    - trade wise planned progress curves,
    - planned manpower curves,
    - project milestones,
    - some deliverables or interfaces dates,
    - efficiency factors for unit production,
    - team efficiencies.


    Change management is the change control processes where changes to project scope which may have impacts on time, cost or quality.
    Deliverables, cost and schedule baseline changes may occur as a result of contractual modifications, application of undistributed budget, use of contingency/management reserve funds, replanning, or formal reprogramming. Managing change to the project baseline is crucial to ensure the project’s work scope, schedule, and cost do not spiral out of control. Changes to baseline documents should be minimized and are normally approved only in the interest of work scope changes, design adequacy, reliability, performance, cost reduction, or safety/environmental considerations.
    Changes can arise for several reasons. Some of these are:
    - Requests from the client or his representatives and/or regulatory bodies.
    - Changes to legislation, standards or regulations.
    - Unclear initial requirements.
    - Human error during the design process.
    - Unclear interfaces.
    - Human error during the construction process.
    - Lack of availability of materials or parts.
    - Unexpected circumstances arising during construction/installation, such as. unforeseen ground conditions.
    - They can arise during the design phase (design changes) and during the construction and commissioning phase (field changes).

    Any change will cause a disturbance in the established routines the project is following, even when they are being introduced to establish a better controlled environment. It should not be forgotten that any change requires to be implemented by people, which means that not only is the physical design changed, but that the process by which it will be constructed may also change.
    TUNA PM provide services:
    - Definition initial status of clear main scope, technical specifications, codes, standards and legislations,
    - Making site investigation, condition and topographical surveys, verification of the designs and prepare baselines,
    - Preparation and approval of change control procedure,
    - Give an orientation and train on all staff preparedness and reporting for change
    - Follow changes and prepare change and variation requests in accordance to contract requirements,
    - Investigating and preparing change impact report, including health & safety, time, quality, cost and who will bear the cost,
    - Calculating cost and time impact of the Employer’s instructions and variations.
    - Making value engineering, and proposing alternatives,
    - Variation request assessment,


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