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Contract management is the process of managing agreements, from their creation through to their execution by the chosen party, and to the eventual termination of the contract. Key activities involve performance analysis against the contract terms to maximise operational and financial performance, and to identify and mitigate financial and reputational risk through non-compliance with contract terms.

TUNA PM has ability to provide contractual advice for all stage of projects such as commercial strategies are including avoidance against Contract Risks and mitigate opportunity, defence and negotiation.

TUNA PM provide contract management services across all the three important stages of a project lifecycle:

- Pre-Contract Phase
• Audit of Tendering Documents
• Scope Definition and understanding Employer Requirement
• Highlight major steps and stages of project, preparing Level 2 Time Program
• Quantity Survey (Bill Of Quantities, Budget Estimating, Procurement Method)
• Risk Assessment, Risk Avoidance & Opportunities and Preparing Commercial Strategies

- Post Award Phase:
• Project Control (Risk, Cost and Planning Control and Monitoring, Earned Value Management)
• Following Contractual issues and Writing of Contractual Letters,
• Monthly Interim Valuations / Progress Application for Payment,
• Change Management (Variation Orders, Additional Works, Valuing and agreeing contract variations in accordance with the terms of the contract, Remeasuring of provisional items)
• Claim Requests, Claim Dossier Preparation, Delay and Quantum Analysis
• Operating Commercial Strategies, Defence and Contract Negotiation, Resolution of Potential Contractual Disputes,

- Project Close-Out:
• Settlement of Final Payment and Final Account
• Assistance of Dispute Resolution,
• Preparing Mediation and Arbitration Files to Assist Lawyers,
• Commercial settlement strategies and negotiations

    The construction and infrastructure sector are associated with complex projects with high risk exposure. The project related risks compel companies to a structured risk management process to enable successful projects.

    The project complexity generates a high amount of information which creates a demand for computer-based tools. However, there is currently a lack of adequate risk management support tools. Previous studies show that the risk exposure is at its highest level during the tendering process and it is therefore vital to examine how risk management tasks are performed during this process.

    The level of risk increases in the beginning of a project and reaches its highest level during the tendering process where the project uncertainty is at its peak. When the production starts, risks are either actualised or expired and the level of risk will decrease as the project progresses.

    As a result, risk management becomes most vital in the tendering process.

    TUNA PM creates a special risk register that includes all the identified risks and takes quantitative risk impact analysis of each risks in order to create project-specific risk management and procedures with avoidance and opportunity identification analysis.
    The management of complex construction and engineering projects is dynamic and changes are unavoidable in the process. As a result of these changes, the first goal is to reach an amicable solution without the need to resort to a formal dispute process and litigation. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to understand the claim management mechanisms in construction contracts and to notify, to prepare, to present them with the records to prove, to prepare a defence against counter claims and requests from other parties accordingly.

    TUNA PM has prepared claims and variation requests for contractors in major construction projects for all kinds of industries in the international environment.

    Our general headings of entitlement submissions include:

    • Reviewing and qualifying change orders and variation orders
    • Schedule delay, disruption and acceleration
    • Extension of time request
    • Quantifying the damages of construction claims
    • Productivity loss analysis
    • Contractual dispute/opinion
    • Position/strategy documents
    • Construction default and termination
    TUNA PM specialist, experts and advisors acting to protect your interests on construction, engineering, energy and technological projects.

    TUNA PM providing mainly planning, quantum and technical core skill expertise all are linked others. These allows our client have access our delay, quantum and technical experts that are highest level of credentials, industry experience with forensic analysis and clear communication skills to help unambiguous reliable testimony.

    TUNA PM provide independent expert determination as well as expert witness services in every industries and disciplines. Our experts have vast experience in deliver claims analysis, expert witness services, testimony both oral and written evidence in litigation, arbitration, adjudication and mediation proceedings, and owner's representation.

    Our Professionals Include:
    • Contract Administrators
    • Delay & Disruption Analysts
    • Quantity Surveyors
    • Estimators, Cost Experts
    • Project Scheduling, Planning and 4D-5D Planning Experts
    • BIM Experts
    • Construction Professionals
    • Civil Engineers, Architects, MEP Engineers
    • Forensic Accountants
    In the construction industry, when disputes arise, litigation is not the first solution. Many construction contracts contain dispute resolution provisions that call for mediation and arbitration to prevent the harm to business relationships or reputations a public trial can cause. Often the goal of all parties is to have reasonable damage calculations as the basis for a settlement that makes litigation unnecessary. Regardless of the dispute resolution process, TUNA PM can help by providing reasonable and reliable damage calculations.

    Construction claims can involve a wide range of issues but the most common are delayed or defective work. Construction defects can give rise to direct damages and consequential damages.

    TUNA PM provides professional litigation support services in the event a dispute becomes subject to legal proceedings for resolution. Our team provides comprehensive support through all phases of the litigation process.

    Litigation Support Services include:
    • Damages Analysis and Quantification for Potential Claim
    • Construction Claim Evaluation and Quantification
    • Schedule Delay Analysis
    • Standard of Care for Design & Construction Professionals
    • Arbitration and Mediation Support
    • Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony
    • Troubled Project Assessment & Turnaround
    Disputes between Employer and Contractor are sadly very common. Coming to a sensible settlement over a dispute is vital to ensure that everyone is able to move forward with their lives and have the dispute resolved in a way which satisfies all the parties involved.

    Good legal advice at the earliest sign of a dispute can reduce delays, limit the costs and get quick resolution for everyone’s benefit.

    TUNA PM team has experience of acting and providing legal advice across all areas of construction law whether it’s a dispute with an Employer, Contractor, Sub-contractor, Engineers, Suppliers, or Insurers across all areas of Construction Law – including contractual issues, as well as domestic and international Arbitration proceedings.
    TUNA PM has set up an animation team to produce creative anime cinema presentations to initiate negotiations and generate quick solutions.

    In this way, it is possible to ensure that decision makers understand the real problem and suggested solutions in their claims without drowning in details. While examining the details of the technical and legal teams, it is possible to present the problem to senior managers without long discussions.

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